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IACTE Newsletter: Innovations and Promising Practices

The purpose of the IACTE Newsletter is to share innovations and promising practices that may include accreditation, licensure, student teaching, graduate and undergraduate programs, recruitment, partnerships, collaborations, equity, curriculum, performance of graduates, and scholarly research to name a few.

This is the first issue of the IACTE Newsletter, and we are glad to highlight the following news and practices shared by IACTE members (click on the titles to access the full article):

Teacher Residency: Pathway to Preparing and Engaging Anti-Racist Teachers

Keyword(s): Teacher Residency

Author(s): Carlotta K. Cooprider, Relay Graduate School of Education


“How will the student-athletes know what to do when we are gone?” An invitation to live the beliefs of Reggio Emilia in a Field Experience for Coaches

Keyword(s): Aligning coach preparation to the Reggio approach

Author(s): Cathy Hartman & Fritz I. Ettl Rodríguez, Butler University


Systematic Adaptations of Environment for Students with Diverse Needs

Keyword(s): Systemic Adaptations, Diverse Needs

Author(s): Jeong il Cho, Purdue University Fort Wayne


Can a Worldwide Pandemic be a Catalyst for Change?

Keyword(s): Pandemic and Change

Author(s): Megan Tolin, Trine University


Collaboration with the University of Southern Indiana's Best Buddies Chapter

Keyword(s): Best Buddies Collaboration

Author(s): Moriah Smothers, University of Southern Indiana


Tomorrow’s Teachers: A Collaborative High School Grow Your Own Program

Keyword(s): Grow Your Own Program

Author(s): Leah Nellis & Christina Romero-Ivanova, Indiana University Kokomo


Review of Our Work with Tomorrow’s Teachers’ Peer Evaluations of Their Digital Stories

Keyword(s): Digital Storytelling

Author(s): Romero-Ivanova et al, Indiana University Kokomo School of Education


From Resistance to Commitment: Shifting Dispositions in Secondary Preservice Teachers

Keyword(s): Empathy Project

Author(s): E. Suzanne Ehst & Brooke N. Lemmon, Goshen College


Gamification for Learning

Keyword(s): Gamification

Author(s): Tara Kingsley, Indiana University Kokomo


Brains in Pain During this Pandemic

Keyword(s): Science of the Brain

Author(s): Lori Desautels, Butler University



These articles are published by IACTE in part of a newsletter initiative that shares news and practices by IACTE members. IACTE does not consider these article as scholarly papers, or equal to a peer-reviewed scholarship. If you have questions or want more information about the content of the article, please contact the authors listed on the first page of each article.
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