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IACTE Mission

The mission of IACTE is to be a strong advocate for Higher Education and Teacher Education in the state of Indiana.

To pursue this mission, the following purposes have been identified:

  1. To provide, through a professional organization, the cooperation for a continuous search for and promotion of ideas and practices which are most effective in the education of professional school personnel in Indiana.

  2. To represent and advocate for the education of educators before all segments of the public as a great professional enterprise carrying special responsibilities for the development of competent citizens, particularly in the State of Indiana.


The following objectives are in place to support the mission and purposes of IACTE:

  1. To be an effective voice and advocate for teacher education institutions at the state level on matters of policy related to teacher education.

  2. To cooperate with other professional organizations and agencies in activities designed to establish desirable directions, goals, and standards for teacher education.

  3. To collect, analyze, and interpret information and data relevant to the condition and progress of teacher education in the state of Indiana; to facilitate the dissemination and sharing of such information among IACTE members, other professional bodies, and the public and private sectors of the educational community.

  4. To be an effective communication system between the membership of IACTE and AACTE.

  5. To be the vehicle for teacher education institutions within Indiana to collaborate with the national organization in:

  • Developing and defining positions on issues of importance to teacher education.

  • Coalescing support for national policy and activity.

  • Supporting the programs and activities of the state associations

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